What is a horse truck?

Horse trucks

What is a horse truck? This question is likely asked by those who has no knowledge or relation to the industry.
The purpose of a horse truck is to transport horses safely to and from different events. In many cases it is also built to accommodate their owners and handlers, with all the facilities needed for such a purpose.
When building horse trucks, safety for the animals and humans is very important. The design and features must be of such quality that the horse’s well-being is not compromised in different traffic situations that may occur during transport.
A horse truck is regarded as a second home to their owners, due to the amount of time they spend in it – some are more on the road than they are at home. It goes without saying that a high level of comfort, with high quality interior and facilities is a must in horse truck.
Small two-horse trucks have increased in popularity in latter years, due to their higher security level and ease-of-use. Driving these cars is easier than driving a car with a trailer.
Service, long time experience with after-market and expertise in the equestrian industry is essential to anyone working with horse transportation. We at Global Trucks are proud and confident to claim we can tick all the boxes in the industry. Choose us as your partner, and we will guarantee that you will get the truck of your dreams – all within a short amount of time!
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