We are fortunate to present several premium horse trucks right now. We have a variety of exclusive high-quality horse trucks in stock, from the smaller 2 horse versions to the biggest and most well-equipped trucks you can imagine.

Here you can see a few of the horse trucks available. If none of these fit your requirements, feel free to contact us – we have many more. Please get in direct contact with us:


Albert Wistrøm

Mail: aw@globaltrucks.se

Phone: +46 708 95 7253

2020 Roelofsen RR7 Extreme
Double pop-out
5-6 horses

2018 Oakley Supremacy 3

Pop-out and Pop-up
5-6 horses

2014 STX

Pop-out and pop-up
4-5 horses

2017 STX

8 horses

With full living trailer

2017 STX MB

Pop-out and Pop-up

5-6 horses

About the trucks

All trucks are recently serviced and detailed by experts. Contact us for specifications and schematics if needed. The trucks come fully equipped and are built for use in Scandinavia.