Roelofsen Sport Ford – soon available!

The Parados Ford is our newest addition!

We are fortunate to present the Roelofsen Sport Ford soon for sale! It is a fully automatic transmission truck built on a FORD chassis. Unique in its class with an interior height of almost 2.40 m. With the latest technology, including; Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Drivers Assistance Pack, multi-function touchscreen display, monitor with a camera system, and Safety Package, Roelosen Sport Ford is unique in its class with an eye for details.

The standard Parados Ford is equipped with:

– Anodised aluminum profiles

– Sandwich floor construction (rubber coating underlay)

– Side ramp (right side) with low entrance and rubber lining and a top hatch

– Door in the middle of the rear including half dropping window

– Half dropping window on the left- and right side, roof hatch, and an electric roof fan for ventilation

– Tiering in the outside wall

We are an exclusive dealer for Roelofsen and can’t wait to assist you with our expertise! Please get in direct contact with us:


Albert Wistrøm


Phone: +46 708 95 7253